Private Armed Response

Over the last few years alarm response from local Police Agencies has become a rapidly disappearing service. The need for officers responding to violent crimes has outweighed what used to be a service to the business community. Now, the vast majority of agencies have moved into a pay-per-alarm model, and in most cases won't respond at all unless there is a verified break in.

Private-Armed-Response.jpgAs a result, a gap in protection of property and persons now exists in most communities, a gap that private security has been urged to fill. Resolute is a full service security solutions provider that has been in business for twenty years. Resolute was founded by former chiefs of police in the San Francisco Bay Area who recognized that law enforcement can only deliver a portion of the non-emergency response services that it has in the past. Our founders became frustrated with police department response to alarms often exceeding two hours and have devised a better and more customer-focused system for rapid response.

Resolute, as a leading security company, is dedicated to providing an immediate, in-person, armed response to burglar alarms for businesses and residential communities, providing the verification instrument required for law enforcement involvement.There is no greater liability to a company than to send a staff member out to a site to check on an alarm. Your staff has no training to prepare for the ultimate possibility that someone may actually have broken into the property and is still on site when your manager arrives to check on the alarm.

We recommend that you let the professionals deal with your alarm. Resolute personnel are trained not only to defend your property but also themselves and others in the area. All of our officers are veterans or former police officers who are highly trained in emergency response and represent the best in the business. In addition to alarm response we can provide a nightly patrol service, emergency placement of officers as a result of a break in, or full time static officers (armed or unarmed) at your facility.

If you require immediate support, please contact us as 877.774.2009.