Protective Services

Executive Protection:

executives.pngResolute Security's protective services program focuses on the protection of the principal, family, and associates, avoiding confrontations and maintaining discretion at all times. Executive protection programs provide expert, discreet protection for those with an elevated security risk, whether due to employment, travel needs, or high profile status. Our operatives are trained to anticipate and defend against multiple and varied threats including personal violence, unauthorized access, stalking, kidnap and ransom, and terrorist or criminal activity.

Special Events:

waiter.pngOur operatives are trained to adapt to an ever-changing security environment using the latest technology and equipment to ensure your event will take place in a secure environment. Extensive planning and preparation, to ensure your event will be uninterrupted and operate in a secure environment is paramount. Resolute & Alternative Investigation's LLC special event teams will liaise with Local Law Enforcement networks, partner with private security teams and coordinate with event planners to ensure that your event runs smoothly. Alternative Investigation is a premier concierge service company who will provide your event with the utmost in confidentiality and best in class service.

If you require immediate support, please contact us as 877.774.2009.