Construction Site Security

March 30, 2016

$1b a year lost due to theft of equipment, tools, materials and fixtures

The real estate market is back on its feet in 2016 and construction projects are increasing. Its not difficult to find gleaming, new structures as well as skeletons of future buildings-to-be perched upon landscapes of dirt, dust and construction debris. When construction increases, so does the chance of theft. Criminals have discovered a lucrative and growing market in construction equipment. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, close to $1 billion a year is lost nationwide due to the theft of construction equipment, tools, materials, fixtures and end-user appliances.

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Loss Prevention: In-House Vs. Contract

March 4, 2016

Every retailer in the country experiences theft at some level.  Last year alone, $42 Billion was lost by American retailers due to shoplifting.  While no one can stop shoplifting altogether, a professionally managed and proactive Loss Prevention program can greatly reduce the incredible losses incurred by shoplifters. 

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6 Issues Associated With Going For Low Cost Security

February 24, 2016

Is it worth hurting your brand to go for low cost security? How much is your brand worth to you?Here are six issues associated with going for low cost security:

1 - Image and Reputation: Front line officers are ambassadors for both your organization and for the security function. Credibility is a key factor in internal influence and the comportment, accomplishments, and appearance of the officers are the single most important factor in the credibility of the security director and the security function.

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How can an Armed Response service benefit my business?

February 19, 2016

Over the last few years, alarm response from local police agencies has become a rapidly disappearing service. The need for officers responding to violent crimes has outweighed what used to be a service to the business community. Now, the vast majority of agencies have moved into a pay-per-alarm model, and in most cases won’t respond at all unless there is a verified break in.

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